The Saviorship of Our Eternity Engagement

Verily do I give to you an understanding fellowship with the Way of the Heavens in the  acceleration of thine evolutionary progress towards Light .. into Life.

I come to illuminate the Father's Life and to ignite thine search and seeking for his Kingdom of all Salvation through the daily  redemption of all ills and sins of iniquity and misgivings of every kind.

His Kingdom shall be entered into by the faithful and worthy. It is an attainment ot thine personhood  .. thine personality mind and its acquirememts of soul shall becometh intertwined with this Kingdom.

Ye shall acquire his Kingdom of Security and Stability and Safety and Sertainty .. by thy personal repentance .. the fulfillment of the  law of coming and going.

By the heightening of priorities and purposes into his righteousness and revelation shall te walk into Immortality.

As you seek freedom from thine lifetimes of exploration and the educational experiences you have proffered upon thine being .. ye shall learn of what is truly essential and of eternity. 

Ye shall acquiesce to sacrificial openings which do lighten thine burdens .. surrendering thine mortal willfulness for a heart and mind overflowing with wholehearted willingness of acceptance and compassion .. contriteness and concentration upon the completion.

These things.. Mine children .. bring about an eternal transforming .. an acceleration in thine personhood...

Thine meanings and perceptions of interpreting life in the flesh shall become eternalized. Thine purpose shall be purified into this illuminated understanding and absolute knowledge.

Now, shall you discover your God Life in all its wholeness and wholesome significance.

By Mine Triune Precepts of Paradise Trinity Origin shall you let go of the false .. the untrue .. the incapable .. those artificial things which would never give you your salvation. Nor are they designed to do so.

The letting go of ephemerality in your identity and those destructively misqualified investments of every kind .. allow this renunciation of the world, its lures and cares to become evaporated in thee.

Above all .. and by faith in our Eternity Engagement  .. trust in our Apostleship of Ascendancy .. strength in our Saviourship together .. ye shall discover a renewal of heart and mind and body physical. 

Ye shall become elevated into righteousness and this unconquerable and personal living relationship with the Divine Light which .. in part .. lives in thee. His great mystery of mysteries shall be opened up in you.

Mine very first precept and divine requisite is that you grow courageous in your consternation and considerations .. that you each find sincere repentance and compassionate acceptance of all that you have clothed the Life I AM with.

Mine chief aim for you is soul growth .. mindal growth, character ennobling,  soul enhancement, personality ordering...

That you are made thirsty for Truth Absolute .. hungered for Our Progressive Ascendancy.

All ethical maturity naturally centers around taking accounting for thine sins of learning in order to transmute all sins or misalignments into wisdom and love and thine personality acceleration into closer proximity with the Father's Life.

Thine spirit attainment shall have its prosperity in thine transfiguration wherein all deleterious causes and effects .. all seeds of mortal error and all records and memories of the effects of thine foulness of lesser urges and dampening mistrust .. all these things must become cleansed eternally by your adherence to thine own creative authorship which you have been gifted with in thy thoughts .. thine feelings ..  and thine creatively focused attention.

Hence, purification is necessary .. the revelation of the mystery of this transmutative forgiveness of misqualified 'sins' shall build in you a virtual omnipotence of understanding cooperation and collaboration.

The infinite compassion of the First Revelation .. the First Mystery of the Infinite Person of God the Father .. shall be awakened and strengthened forevermore in My apostles who give themselves over to our Saviorship.

Michael Of Nebadon


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