The Kingdom of His Ineffable Infinity

Verily .. I sayeth unto thee .. ye shall place upon thine mortal vesture .. the Immortal Vestment of Light Everlasting only as ye art prone towards unending worship and rightful adoration.

Ye shall then be determined and dedicated for Truth Absolute .. even mesmerized and perplexed to enter into the spheres of Objectivity and Knowledge .. ye shall become eternalized by the Ineffable Infinity .. drawn inwards to Him, and driven upwards towards His Light and Life .. walking steadily unto the Immaculate One .. who maintains His own Life .. his Life residing in and above and all around thee.

I sayeth to the wisdom seekers who art driven by holiness .. letting not their Light become ensconced and hidden .. but these ones shall find a luminosity hath come into them .. and for the benevolence of the Race shall they be revealing His great Light and Love.

Michael Of Nebadon


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