The Tapestries of Time

Behold the day hath come when ye do hear My
pronouncements in person;

Verily .. I love no one who loveth not his sister or his brother;

Verily .. I cause thee to arise into your ascendancy .. and make plentiful benevolence of the Life I AM.

Cast out those misqualified 'devils' by your compassionately loving obedience to the law of God Authority .. give thyselves opportunity by your purification and righteousness  .. by your wholehearted willingness of acceptance in Personality Authorship .. and behold .. ye shall be the advancing embers of the humankind.

See to it that you art embracing of all thine errors as you look upon the Mirror of Veils .. and as you art prone towards Our Cooperative Venture of the Ages.

I speaketh with My lips of mortality .. and ye do hear with the instrument of thine mortal ears;

I adjure you with My terrestrial voice, and ye do listen in your hearts of soul.

Except ye be as pure children who art playing with imaginings of trust and faith-giving religious relationship with the Father's Kingdom .. awestruck by the wonder of his Infinity ..  tempered by mercy from the solidity of materialized steel .. ye cannot know the transcendent peace that maketh his pure light to fill thine heart with grace and glory.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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