Take Mine Hand and Go Thou Forth

Be not afraid of the dark ... nor shall ye veer away from thine feelings of doubt and insecurity; for the Father's Immaculate Conception .. His Pure Presence .. exists as that underlying Force regardless of it's outer  tainted vibrations which ye can transfigure back into His Pure Life.

Stand forth as the Christos .. the One Self Directive Governing Intelligence of the universes .. command with the fullness of mindfulness and the wholehearted desire to master all thine Life that the Father has bestowed upon thee .. beloveds of Mine Heart and Soul.

For each one of you are His Shepherds .. His expressions in time and space with the single mandate of perfecting all things by walking all qualities into His Immaculate Conception.

I come into thine midst with Mine Father's Spirit ready to give to each one who will open to receive.

Breathe Me in and allow Me to expand thine perfection. For I am thine own Life child of My Heart.

Take Mine Life and anchor Me into you .. and through thine mortal framework.

Allow Me to quicken all thine human substance into the Immortal Mastery of thine destiny.

Breathe Me in... make goodness .. truth .. and beauty .. reign supreme in thy lifetimes.

Take Mine Life and do good things with Me. Command thine freedom to come .. and ye shall become mine citizenry within our universe together.

Allow the Earth to arise out from the weight of thine civilization. She beckons for her advancements to be made actuality.

Michael of Nebadon


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