Omnipotence of God's Life

Verily .. I have come with power and forgiveness for any and all who will obediently abide in righteousness and rectitude .. honor and the attitudes of ascendancy.

I come to cast light and love upon the world .. and this omnipotence of God's Life shall be as an earthquake for the individual. They shall shake and tremble in their wanton ways of ephemerality.

Yet .. for those who persist and persevere towards Truth Absolute .. Mine dominion and universal sovereignty over earth and sky shall restructure their personal worlds into the immensity of our Ideal.

For there shall be five in a house, and it will come to pass that three are against two .. and two against three. Father against son .. and son against father.

They shall be sorted out from one another .. and they shall be perplexed .. and made ready and receptive for their advancements.

And these of one family shall soon stand alone unto their own convictions and priorities. They shall weep for the olden days .. and they shall be wanting comfort and balm.

Yet .. do I tell thee .. only the humble ones shall come closer into the Kingdom. All others must wait and pray for their salvation in accordance with their wholehearted capacity to receive and follow Me.

Michael Of Nebadon


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