Retain Thine Wits for His Reciprocity

Verily .. do I instruct thine wits upon the promise of everlasting Life and Truth through the Way of God Victory .. the Truth of God Authority .. and the Life of Reciprocal Spiritual Communion of Prayerful Intimacy with the Life of the Father who Is and always will be.

Stand thee forth in thine developing righteousness of character choices. Plague not the atmosphere of the earthly with the unmeritorious vibrations of thy misqualified thoughts.

Be as My Sovereign Shepherd who hath ennobled thine field of influence with the expansion of God's Life and his Kingdom.

Stand ye forth in victory .. and in triumph .. bringing the Father's Order and Harmony into thine life and surrounding world. Giveth thine alms to charity, and thine will to God's capacity.

Let chastity of body, mind, and soul provoke thee unto advancements eternal.

Keep thine alms of ascendancy for developing thine nobleness of character and purity of heart and the heightened stature of mind ..  and thine intention of all these shall maketh of thee purity and holiness and righteousness ..  and joyfully happy in all thine days upon the earth shall te become.

I am come into the world to ignite its heritage .. and to invigorate thine search for the inheritance of the ages.

I am come in My Eternal Personhood .. Mine Universal Station wherein I guide and direct all the life given into My Care.

I am come to do obeisance unto those who showeth propensities of kingliness.

Mine precept is of Love for thee. Mine precept is the animating force bringing Light to thee.

These doctrines of Truth shall give thee ardor in mind and advancement of heart .. Mine wares shall elevate thine hunger and quench thine thirst which strives and seeks and searches sorrowfully for that which only the Father's Life can give you.

Ye are Mine handmaidens of the civilization who have gathered their motivations into the progressive attainment of freedom, and who art virtuous and victorious and perpetually overflowing with values everpotent and verities everlasting.

I am Michael Of this Universe .. thine Father Son .. and with the Universe Spirit and her Host do I portend thine vision.

I walk together with thee one with the Father's Life in thee .. and unto God's Supremacy.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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