Divine Decorum is Abundance

I am come Mine children .. to raise thine aspirations higher into the eternal life everlasting.

Graduating from all thine lifetimes is the celebration of the ages for the personality soul.

Graduating is to become birthed once again .. thus is this the true significance of becoming born again.

Oh ye traditional Christians who yearn for religious relationship with Me .. who walk athirst for righteousness and rectitude ..

I sayeth unto thee .. behold .. the Son of Man hath returned and ye art overly woven in thine own fantasies .. thine preconceptions blind thee from truth .. thine aspirations are misdirected due to your ignorance and the  confusions of mind.

Arise .. heal thine mind .. be thou blessed by our Association of Ascendancy which hath its yearlings of growth upon the sunrise of the universes.

I am come .. now shall ye discern .. now he art set to deciphering truth ..

Oh Mine decorous ones who hold their heart poised for advancements of abundance...

Michael Of Nebadon


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