Thine Benevolence of Existence

Beloveds .. I am come into thine pastures .. thine human octaves. I have taken form here physically .. to better guide and instruct Mine apostles of the world who do seek wholeheartedly the Father's Life .. and who desire inordinately to become of his identity and his immaculate character in all righteousness and recognition .. all remembrance and revelation.

All ye who have the courage to believe .. to gather thine convictions of faith invisualization .. to birth further thine trusting heart of discernment to walk with Me .. to learn from Me .. to gather thine creations into light .. and to become thou .. engaged in our fellowship together.

I say unto you .. come and place thine Life upon the altar of Our Association of Ascendancy.

Once again do I stand in thine midst to penetrate thine wits of intellectual understanding .. and to provoke thine highest inclinations .. and finally, to give you the Life more abundant which you are seeking to establish.

Doubt not that I am here in physical activity for your greatest opportunities to unfold...

Verily do I encourage thine human urges for light and life more abundant.

Believe as I believe .. walk in the ways of My Truth Everlasting which cometh out of the Paradise Trinity; for Mine Spirit hath the benevolence of the Living Word .. the rejuvenating Impulses of the Waters of Eternity .. and I am bidden by My Father God to take you out of the darkness .. and to showeth ye the way of existence .. to guide thee upwards in thine truest heartfelt desires for the Vision of Infinity and its benefactions in the advancement unto thine Godhood.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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