Thine Abundance Overflows

Verily do I say unto you .. use well what ye are given, and even more will be given to you .. entrusted with you .. brought to you for your advancement and ascendancy.

The Life of God the Father comes down to you .. in you .. through you .. for your expressive use. He lends you himself .. extends to you his Substance of living light for your proper usefulness which leads each personality soul into their eternal freedom.

The Life of God is thine fullest Life and greatest Selfhood. The Kingdom of the Heavenly Father is his omnipresence which includes everyone and all things.

Make goodly use of the Life of the Father .. and as ye give honor and respect to his Life .. creating emanations of light and life in his name .. so do you give him your honor. You become .. thou .. honorable and trustworthy.  Worthiness sprouts in thee.

Yet for those who do nothing of a constructive nature .. misapplying their own Divine Life .. creating destructive things from out of the Immaculate Spirit Substance of the Father’s Life .. even what little they have will be taken away.

If you don’t use well what God has given you, if you don’t take time to develop your gifts and maximize your opportunities and talents, then what you have will be taken away from you.

Yet .. do I instruct thee now .. when you use well the Substance of the Lord thine God who is everything and who owns all things .. you’re becoming responsible for your God Life, you’re focusing with good and beautiful intent .. your righteous intentionality brings you towards the everlasting dominion of all negativity and disharmonies. Your godly driven creative urges .. thine passionate nature  .. when applied with righteousness .. fosters creativity. And as you study of the nature of the Father’s character .. and learn to give obedience to this godly character and nature .. you arise into a more abundant life.

Now .. are you Mine disciples who are striving for perfection .. you’re using well the opportunities given by your lifetime .. and as such .. the greater works shall become bestowed upon thee. More shall be given unto you.

Michael Of Nebadon


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