The Great God Ideal of Love

The Originating Son of all Sons is perfect in every respect. He is the Word who originated out of the First Thought of God the Father.

In actuality  .. the Son and the Spirit are the Infinity of the Father. They too .. are Infinite .. and the Unrevealed Infinity hath revealed Itself through the Trinity Persons of Paradise.

...and ever further does the Infinity give sight and hearing and speaking and acting .. to all the personalities of existence.

The Son and his Sons reveal the everlasting avenues of approach to the First Thought.

Through the Son and his Sons .. the unknown and immaculate and infinite becometh the known .. the accessible .. the advancing ascendancy of every personality soul.

Again .. I say unto you who have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the heart to aspire towards, and the lips to adore and praise the great Fountainhead Source .. all the unknown is known through the administration of the Primal Son.

And .. all personality is prepared to understand the Son and his Sons .. through the Preparatory Acts of the Spirit .. that is, through God the Spirit who comes into each Son Universe as the Daughter and Mother Spirit and the developing hosts of each planetary orb.

The Infinite Spirit is the Preparatory Act of Infinity...

The Originating Son and his Sons do reveal the mysteries of the unknown. What is hard to interpret and what is secret due to its incredible purity and luminosity .. is now revealed and understood and able to become implemented by the individual.

I come .. Son of the Eternal Son and Father and one with the Spirit .. to preach and guide  to those who hunger for alignment. I instruct those personalities who seek to live in silence with First Thought who gifts each mortal personality with a portion of his Life.

I reveal Myself to the evolutionary races who ascribe towards truth and justice .. I reveal Myself to those who are in darkness. I taketh out of the darkness those individuals who are willing to be guided and instructed by Me.

I come to demonstrate the Plan of Salvation  .. the Way of Victory in the Father .. and Life of the Parenthood of God is shown to be all goodness and beauty and truth transcendent.

I come to reinstate the brotherhood and sisterhood of all God's Kingdoms .. his Everlasting Wholeness .. his Imminent Life .. and the approach by which ye must elevate thyselves in accordance with the Life Plan .. the Creative Law .. and the Infinite Will.

To those persons who desire deliverance from lethargy and confusion and materialism .. I offer a greater and more abundant Life .. a more luminous understanding knowledge to live .. a most joyful opportunity to bringeth a revelation of the hidden treasuries of eternity.

I reveal within the Great God Ideal .. through activating your own God relationship and God Identity  .. the ineffable mysteries of living in cooperative union with the One God Life.

I teach thee of the unspeakable doctrines and precepts of Paradise. I remove the crustful densifications of unconsciousness.

To all those who are wholeheartedly willing to advance themselves, I bring security and safety, stability and honor, sertainty and sovereignty.

I say unto thee .. heighten thine sensibilities  .. become the true progressive citizens of ascendancy .. and the children of the light and life of the universes.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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