Reciprocal Spiritual Relationship with the Father's Life

Thine ascent into this reciprocal spiritual communion with the Universal Father is grown out of your intellectual capacity to know God in you .. to create in you His Consciousness .. Consciousness of God in you and as You.

You are following the inner urge to discover the Good Father as the very Life I AM .. the Unchangeable Absolute Truth in You.

You are seeking and then finding Him as you transfigure your way out of the materializing density of misqualifications and misunderstood idealogies.

You are giving birth to a new day in you .. a new way of approaching your living life .. now you are living the Life of God.

In our sovereign discipleship together .. you are arising upon the Ideal of Nebadon.  You are raising your standards for what you have believed is possible for you to achieve.

And as a personality with mind and feelings .. you are choosing to fulfill the law so that you gain the capabilities to live God's Will and Plan of Perfection.

You are enhancing your pure original desire after lifetimes of exploration .. to know God the Father .. to seek Him by clarifying thine Impulses and Motivations .. thine meanings and purpose .. and you are rediscovering that true craving hunger to be like God in your nature, character,  and identity.

The wholehearted desire to do the Will of Heaven is blossoming in you .. in all your motivating agendas .. and in your quiet impulses and attentive focus .. you are becoming congruent with the integrity of a Master Shepherd of Light and Life...

Michael Of Nebadon


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