My 21st Century Bestowal on Earth

I come into this 21st century bestowal to save the weary and the lost. I have offered you faith many times over the millenia  .. and have revealed Myself to you, and you have not known me .. nor do ye seek to know Me; for you are under the curse of preconception .. and you are dragged downward by miscontructions of belief. You belief you already know.

Now I see you often rejoicing in the throes of ephemeralities. And although you are delighted about the promise of life, you are sad and gloomy when you are taught about the Kingdom. You sense there is much further to walk .. necessary transmutations  into further glories of perfection and promise.

Nevertheless, through faith and knowledge, you have received more abundant understanding .. and a more prosperous life beckons thee to partake.

Verily .. I beseech thee to disregard all self-rejection  .. banish all self-doubts. Tarnish not thine character with lesser approximations of choices and .. make thou .. of the Father's Life in you.

Decisions bring opportunities. When you decide .. maketh your decision ripe with possibilities. Listen inwards. Hear Me. Follow Me to the Kingdom of the Father's Sovereignty.

Mine Comforter Radiance cometh out of the First and Second Revelations of the Infinite One. Hear Me surrounding thee. Arise in our ventures together. When you hear about the promises of the One Kingdom .. be joyful all the more.

I tell ye of truth, whoever will receive the  Life of God the Father .. and believe in the Kingdom .. they shall never leave it, not even if the Father wants to banish them. This is all I shall tell you at this time.

Now .. one day shortly I shall ascend to the place from which I have come. I am eager to have you maketh attainments of ascendancy .. you have driven thyselves closer to this said freedom.

Be thou attentive to the glory that awaits thee, and when you have opened your hearts, listen to the emanations of the Primal Son who continually showers all of creation .. all creatures and intelligences .. every petal of every flower opens to re rice of his glory and dignity .. his respect and honor. 

Soon .. I must take my place at the right hand of My Father. I have spoken My Word unto thee .. and ye have slept in a cocoon of unconsciousness while thirsting for My Presence with you.

My Word hath benevolence to thee .. each day I am quickening back into the fullness of My universal station. I shall depart from you after a time, for a chariot of spirit shall carry Me upwards.

Pay thine attention upon the imminently present Life thou art.

Blessings upon those who have proclaimed the Son before he came down, so that, when I did come, I might demonstrate to you the Way of the heavens .. the truth of thine authority .. and the life of intimacy with the Infinite One.

Blessings upon those who proclaim their victory in the Father each and everyday...

Michael Of Nebadon


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