My Word

My Word is like a grain of wheat. When ye have sowed it, ye place thine faithful intention with it and in it .. and when it sprouts, ye love it, because you see many grains of wheat instead of just one.

And afterwards .. having placed your determination and desire in My Word .. the Kingdom did sprout and awaken in thee .. you work with the vestments and values and virtues .. and you are entering salvation because ye have been preparing it as your daily food .. your prayerful intimacy builds momentum and worthiness .. and ye still keep some of this food of the Living Word in order to sow greater manifestations of God's glory and ye do the Father his honor.

This is how you can acquire the Kingdom of heaven for thyselves .. the Kingdom of Universal Citizenship.

Unless you acquire it through the Prayerful Intimacy with the Father's Life in you.. and unless you reach higher and wider .. and unless you seek My instruction and its knowledge .. you will not be able to find it. Ye shall not be able to enter the Kingdom unless you expand beyond your opinions and subjective tendencies of interpretation and deafness.

Now .. enter widely and breach thine barriers of mind and heart. Allow the Kingdom of God to move through you and in you. Let the Father have his way with you, and ye shall know him more greatly...

Michael Of Nebadon


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