God Ideal

Think thine thoughts of our God Ideal. Hold thine mortal mind upon the field of thine Godhood Identity.

Expand thine God Individualized Stream of Life.

Now are ye becoming this Living God Impulse .. his God Integrity .. and his God Illumination.

Ye are unfolding his God Immersion upon the breast of thine flesh and bone expression.

In our eternal fellowship, ye shall know of what I sayeth unto you .. that ye are his child of terrestrial makeup .. awakening upon the stage of God's life everlasting.

Invite Me. Allow Me. Work with Me. Let My guidance provide a purpose and direction into truthfulness and Truth Everlasting.

I come to maketh a rearrangement in symphonies of great love and harmony where happiness shall reign in the hearts and minds and bodies of all kingdoms.

Michael Of Nebadon


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