Believe as I Believe in the Reality Of Love

I sayeth unto thee .. believe with Me in the prosperity of the First Creative Source .. the Universal Father. Mine disciples believe with Me, and believe as I believe .. understanding how I live life in the flesh with you, so that you too shall arise upon the faith trust of your devotions into the kingdom of righteousness and receptivity.

Believe in the living reality of the omnipresent love of God. Believe in the fullness of your confidence in the immediacy of the Father’s Presence as your own Individualization. Accept the security of the assurance of your relationship with the heavenly Father; that you are designed and meant to become His Personalization of Supremacy.

I say unto you .. share now in My transcendent faith Invisualization and Imagination trust. Awaken your own personal realization of the Presence of God all around you, within you, above you, and as You.

I constructively challenge My followers upon the earth and throughout this universe not only to believe what I believe, but also to believe as I believe. Become thou .. the Divine Shepherd of Salvington who facilitates his and her freedom and justice in collaboration with their own Individualized God Identity. This is My fuller meaning .. the profound significance of My one supreme commandment to thee to “Follow Me.”

I am certainly returned into this human circumstance once again, and I have come devoted to one singular purpose in order that I demonstrate once again to you My originating Word of Love and Mercy .. One great purpose in doing My Father’s will, living my human life religiously and in accordance with the R’s of Religious Remembrance and Divine Relationship with the Living God Impulse, the Awakened God Individualization, the ever present God Identity, by faith, trust, and the precepts of Prayerful Intimacy with the infinite through thine own Individualization.

Mine Living Faith is singularly trusting and receptive to follow Truth under all circumstances and predicaments that may avail of thee.

Like that of an awe-inspiring childlike trust and wonderment .. completely free from preconception of opinion and the arrogance of presumption. I make robust .. courageous .. and mature decisions, and I am caused to step forth and burn away all worldly bridges of attachment and assumption .. in order to confront constructively all things in their transfigurative dissolution. With this strengthening wholehearted willing and superhuman Invisualization Faith and Imagination Trust in the One God .. I too have been dealt many worldly disappointments, endless trials, and empowering tribulations which have teased Mine faith and tested Mine trust.

I am immersed in the resolution of harmony and order before even these conflicts of worldly circumstances have come upon Me .. and I resolutely continue to surmount these extraordinary difficulties, I unflinchingly confront the stern requirements of obedience, discipline, and duty.

Verily do I command thee with love and compassionate mercy when I say .. seek the Father God through thine own Individualization above thee. Arise into his discipleship, and command thyself into his ascendancy.

I am Michael Of Nebadon, Sovereign Father Son of this Nebadon who hath come to give thee sustenance, and to help you reckon with the misfortunes and the blessings of living your life in the flesh garment of ephemeral limitations and great possibilities.

Michael Of Nebadon


  1. Si amado Padre Hijo Soberano de Nebadon.
    Miguel Gracias infinitas, te amo


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