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Engagement de l'Éternité

Michael’s Message to New ReadersTriune Epochal Religious Spirituality to enter into the New and Ascendant Order of HumanityMy 21st Century Bestowal Mission to the Earth holds the Trinity Objective, Impulse, and Intention, as well as the Sevenfold Epochal Revelation for Life. I am come to enhance all vestments and values and meanings and humanly qualified interpretations so that individuals may live the virtuous life, to ennoble all inherent drives and purposes, impulses and motivations, inclinations and tendencies, to eternalize all receptively qualified minds, hearts, and personalities into the divine destiny and eternal fulfillment.Initiating the Advent of Ascendancy for the Planetary Kingdoms over the next three thousand year adventTo Give My Universe Sovereign Proclamation of the Ennoblement of Human Life and DestinyBeginning the Ever-Advancing Illumination of the Originating Avenues of Creature Ascent into Cosmic Citizenship and Universal ServiceTo demonstrate with you the true r…

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